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Veena Malik strips for upcoming movie, Super Model

Coming from Veena Malik, this is shocking! She has apparently worn so many bikinis in her upcoming movie, Super Model, that she doesn’t plan on wearing bikinis again. Well not anytime soon at least!

At the launch of the first look of the movie, the bold Pakistani actress says, “The number of bikinis that I have worn in this film, I have never worn as many before. I don’t even intend to wear a bikini again,”

Post the launch of the first look, we were all surprised. Any guesses why? Well the poster looks exactly like that of Nasha, starring Poonam Pandey. When questions were raised, Veena calmly said, “I want to start by saying that look and sequences are normally copied by other films but I think this is the first time when our film’s poster has been copied. You have probably seen it in ‘Nasha’ (poster). When people start copying you at the start of your career, you feel kind of happy that people are copying you. So our poster has already been copied and I hope our film’s sequences are safe till its release.”

How is this even possible? Copying the poster even before it was released? Or is it just a publicity stunt? Cause any publicity is good publicity?} else {

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