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10 funniest tweets about #salmanhuggedsrk

What is the latest hashtag that’s trending on twitter? Its the famous #salmanhuggedsrk tag! Check out the funniest tweets about the oh so famous Salman and SRK hug!

Sapan Verma: “That video of SRK-Salman hug must be entering the 200 crore club as we speak.”

Faking News: “#SalmanHuggedSRK but it was still not a perfect hug : Aamir Khan.”

Waahiyaad Kudi: “SRK and Salman Khan hug. World goes bonkers. I remain hugless for like a week. NO ONE CARES.”

Kazim Sait: ” To all those firangs who don’t know what #salmanhuggedsrk means, it’s like Samsung Hugged Apple.”

Naomi Datta: “A Batman – superman film is announced. Salman & Srk hug & make up. Join the dots.”

The UnReal Times: “BREAKING Baba Siddique nominated for the Nobel peace prize for brokering peace between SRK and Salman Khan”

@Hitarthonline: “#SalmanHuggedSRK National Holiday declared in some parts of india after Srk and Salman hugged each other . @BeingSalmanKhan @iamsrk”

Varun Sirohi: “SRK and Salman have hugged each other. GDP is up, Rupee has recovered, China has gone back from Ladakh, and right now no one is hungry!!!!!!”

Shekhar Kapur: ” Oh wow! #KateMiddleton is in labor and #salmanhuggedsrk, the world is already a better place.”

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