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Shahrukh and Salman Hugged Each Other

A moment that should be treasured forever. Shahrukh and Salman, the top rivals in Bollywood were seen hugging each other at MLA Baba Siddique’s iftar party. At the party the actors were present there at the same time. Usually, the rivals time their entry and exit but this time it wasn’t that way. Seems like the actors wanted this to happen cause as soon as Baba Siddque took a step forward to make the “patch-up” happen, the actors hugged each other.

Shahrukh and Salman hugging each other.

The entire crowd at the party cheered. SRK and Salman stood straight-faced unable to express their emotions. Shahrukh was seen talking to Salim Khan for a long time.
Siddique was touched by this moment and he said, “May be they wanted to do so, That’s why they did.”

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