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Kareena Kapoor gives relationship advice!

Kareena Kapoor has it all, style, fame, money and last but not the least a nawab who adores her! Kareena Kapoor’s relationship was an amazing whirlwind romance. She made heads turn when she went from being an actress with full figure to an actress with zero figure.

Mrs Khan is now all set to reveal her relationship secrets and part some advice to us on how to have a long lasting relationship. She will soon release her first book, The Style Diary Of A Bollywood Diva. How exciting!!! According to her, ‘Saif is the most stylish man she ever met’. She further adds “Saif flirts shamelessly but uniquely,”. His first compliment to her was when they were shooting for Tashan. He had said, “I like the color of your car, it isn’t very girlie” seroxat (it was gunmetal).

All is well, but what really clicked between them and how did they really fall head over heels for each other? You could say its because of their long motorcycle rides throughout the country side while shooting for Tashan. Saif’s craze for wooden boxes and Kareena’s craving for good Chinese food!

According to Kareena, the secrets to a perfect relationship are the following rules! “trust, couple-time, alone -time, surprises, seduction and less of ego.” Apart from all this Saif and Kareena learnt a lot from each other. Saif learned that worrying about how things could go wrong would not take him anywhere and Kareena learned that its okay to sometimes let her guard down and trust others.

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  1. Chris A.

    October 24, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    Hey, maybe this something to look forward to. And maybe it will help a lot of people. So thanks for sharing this news.

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