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Katrina seeking a co-actor for Seeta and Geeta

Anushka SharmaSeems like Katrina Kaif just can’t wait to begin the Seeta Aur Geeta remake project but faces a plight of no hero willing to do a heroine-oriented movie. Apart from that, the actress will have a double role and even the title is about her. 

Though the shortlist consists of Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar who can do any sort of roles with amazing versatility and have been a hit jodi with Katrina is various flicks!

Says an insider, “Salman and Akshay idolise Dharamji and Sanjeev Kumarji, so why not? If those two superstars can sportingly play supportive roles to Hema why not these two? Salman has, in the past, done a supporting part in Phir Milenge although Shilpa Shetty had the author-backed role. And Akshay is doing Shaukeen remake which has three senior actors in title roles.”

Says a source close to the actress, “Katrina is really looking for a role where she can have optimum fun without worrying about hair, clothes, dances, songs and youth-capturing accessories. She is keen to work with Dibakar. She was offered Dibakar’s Shanghai. But she didn’t want to do such a small role.” It is learnt that the double role as played by Katrina would be very different from Hema. The serene-subdued-inhibited Seeta would be a dark, repressed character with suicidal undertones while the bindaas Geeta will be working woman in a corporate set-up, not a street dancer.”


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