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The Making Of Ghanchakkar – Behind The Scenes

Ghanchakkar is a movie about a courteous safe cracker who loses his memory. Emraan plays the male lead of the safe cracker and Vida plays the female lead role of his wife. The movie has quite a few twists and is full of suspenseful comedy. However the climax of the movie is ungraceful.
Watch the making of Ghanchakkar and discover all behind the scene moments.

All work and no play can make you a Ghanchakkar. I guess this is what the crew of Ghanchakkar follows.

The crew had a great time undoubtedly. I wonder who had that ball garnished gravy!

Speed thrills! But not everybody. Watch this video and find out yourself!

That bike wasn’t even running at 40kmph. I wonder what scared the actors!

Ever played a prank on your close ones? No? This video might give you an idea. Check it out!

That silly prank really got Vidya! Nice!

Sitting beside the driving seat with a rookie driving the car isn’t really a good idea. Watch this video and find out for yourself!

Well you might really need to learn how to drive a Nano!

We get thrilled when we see those impossible action sequence. But ever thought how those scenes are done? Have a look at this video.

Not really thrilling when you know how it’s done!

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