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Dharmendra asks Hrithik to take care of himself

hrithik-discharged-from-the-Hinduja-hospitaDharmendra, who is presently busy in the US attending a weeding, specially called up Hrithik Roshan to inquire and ask about his health. Dharmendra even asked Hrithik to take good care of himself and be extremely careful while performing those death defying stunts.

Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan underwent a brain surgery successfully at the Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai on Sunday, 7th July. Hrithik got hurt while shooting an action sequence for his upcoming flick Bang Bang which also features Katrina Kaif. He got discharged from the hospital on Thursday.

Hrithik Roshan’s father, Rakesh Roshan told the media how the actor got hurt while shooting an action scene for his film Bang Bang,  Rakesh Roshan said, “When he rehearsed, he fell the wrong way and banged his head a bit, which he didn’t realise. That started his pain and he started taking pain killers, thinking it will get fine in three to four days because something similar had happened during Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai also”.}

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