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Minute by Minute Updates of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – Read as it happens

Warning: There may be spoilers!!

9.07 pm : The movie is just amazing. Another half an hour or so to go. Epic work from Farhan Akhtar. This biopic has got to be the best till now. Go watch it, don’t miss this. That’s all from our live updates. We don’t wanna spoil the show!

9.00 pm : Milkha trips on the last few steps and accidentally comes first and wins the gold medal for India in the asian games. They also show is heroic feats in france, japan etc. A true legend!

8.53 pm : The intense training continues until the Asian Games of 1958. Milkha Singh is now bigger , better and faster. Can’t wait to watch him run!

8.47 pm : Milkha takes the next level of training and trains more intensely for the next Olympic Games. The Indian coach Ranveer Singh takes him to places of higher altitude and ties a huge tyre at the back and tells him that’s how you break a 400 mts world record.

8.37 pm : The firangi and Milkha fall in love with each other overcoming the language barrier and we’re off to the qualifying race in which Milkha comes fourth. And the coach is not at all happy with him nor is he with himself.

8.27 pm : Off to Melbourne for the 1956 Olympic Games. And their technical advisor invites the Indian athlete team for dinner and his granddaughter who’s smoking hot by the way, takes the boys on a nightout! And slow rang reza plays!

8.12 pm : Back after the interval and Milkha lives his dream of wearing the Indian athlete blazer. And he’s off home like he promised. A proud sister in Divya Dutta shares an emotional brother-sister moment

7.51 pm : Sher Rana, the Indian athlete takes out a bit of grudge over Milkha by piercing the spikes of his boots into Milkha’s both legs. An injured Milkha still insists on participating, he not only completes the race but frigging wins it and on top of that breaks the national record!

7.41 pm : Before that happened, he happens to go to jail for accidentally slitting a person’s wrist while he was lost in his parents’ tragic loss.

7.38 pm : And looks like he’s off for the army. So we would be back to the main part.

7.37 pm : Milkha promises Sonam that he would come back to marry her after he becomes something big in life.

7.30 pm : Woah. So they exchange talks by throwing a ball which is cut in between to insert a chit. Thank you Facebook. We realize your worth now.

7.23 pm : Okay, I get it. They are swapping time zones. Not confusing rather enthralling. Sonam Kapoor enters the picture who’s photo is always with Milkha during his army recruitment days.

7.20 pm : This guy grows up gambling, fighting and selling coal after stealing from the trains. Now we’re back to the army recruit phase where Milkha trying harder and harder to get into the Indian athlete team.

7.16 pm : Divya Dutta gets sexualy abused by her own husband and this insigates the little Milkha and he revolts back harder. And now he’s running. Again. Joins a local bacha gang who teach him to use a knife.

7.06 pm : They now show the tragic childhood of Milkha Singh and he had to toughen up in a very sorrowful phase till he found his sister. Sister, Who is Divya Dutta

7.00 pm : Holy shit! What a run! Milkha got into a tiff with Sher Rana an athlete that represents India after wearing his coat without asking. He was given the chance to beat the Indian athlete in a race and he almost did it until a pebble pierces through his foot.

6.53 pm : Back onto the first flashback.The army recruit looks too fascinated by the Indian blazer which is given to Athletes who represent India.

6.47 pm : A little inception-sequence here, we get into another flashback of Milkha’s childhood. Flashback ke andar flashback. Sahi hay.

6.43 pm : And as expected Milkha Singh comes in the top 10. But instead of the training it was Milk that drove Milkha crazyily to the finish line.

6.40 pm : The first glimpse of the ‘race’. The first 10 recruits who complete the 6 mile race get extra two eggs and milk plus training to run for the whole unit. Let’s see!

6.34 pm : Milkha Singh’s history now begins. Flashback into the Singh’s life and how he started in the Army recruitment. Prakash Raj! What an actor. Maston ka Jhund starts playing. Quite funny and catchy.

6.27 pm : They show us ‘The great Indian tragedy’, the sad loss of the legendary Singh, as he loses the race after leading the race for 3/4th of the track.

6.15 pm : The movie kicks off with the Olympic games. Epic introduction for Farhan a.k.a Milkha. Awesome background score. Get set go!

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  1. Mr Inkenti

    July 11, 2013 at 11:15 pm

    Excellent updates! Thanks for doing this. The movie is playing in Syracuse on July 12th and we are sure to catch it. I am enjoying the diverse movies Bollywood is making these days from Lootera-Barfi to Dabanng-Chennai Express and Milka!

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