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Jiah Khan’s blood contained alcohol when she hung herself

The director of Kalina Forensic Laboratory, MK Malve has said that they have submitted Jiah Khan’s report to the police but has denied the details of the report. After more than a month of the tragic incident, the forensic report has finally surfaced.

According to sources, the report suggests that some percentage of alcohol was found in Jiah Khan’s blood test report.

There were many attempts to reach the additional commissioner of police, Vishwas Nangre Patil through calls and texts, he remained unavailable for any comment. 

Jiah Khan had committed suicide as she hung herself at her place in Juhu and had left a suicide note which pointed all fingers towards her then boyfriend, Suraj Pancholi. Following this, Suraj Pancholi was arrested by the police and is presently out on bail. He flew to Hyderabad with his father to meet Salman Khan to discuss about his debut film produced by Salman. Read more about him here.



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