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What advice did Salman Khan give to Suraj Pancholi?

Salman Khan has been the focal point of controversies innumerable times but this time, Salman Khan stands on the other side of the river.  It’s him who has been shelling out advice to Suraj Pancholi when they met in Hyderabad. 

There was a buzz that Suraj Pancholi might seek help from a counselor after getting his bail granted but Suraj might have just found the right advice from the Dabangg man. Apparently, Salman has told the young lad to ‘start afresh’ in life. Suraj left Mumbai for Hyderabad to meet Salman for a personal discussion on Friday night. He was accompanied by his father, Aditya Pancholi.

A source says, “Aditya was not present when Salman and Suraj met. The duo apparently sat up till 3 am. The star told the newbie how he should learn from every experience in life and move on.” 

Speaking from Hyderabad, Aditya adds, “Suraj is feeling better now. Though, he is a bit quiet.”

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