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Bipasha Basu sent back home after feeling homesick!

Bipasha Basu was shooting in Ooty for Creature for the last three weeks but she has been sent back home to Mumbai by her director Vikram Bhatt as she was very homesick!
Says an insider, “Bipasha has been very unwell and she has also been feeling homesick. Last week her father celebrated his birthday and while the whole family came together, she couldn’t attend. It’s been an exhaustive and gruelling schedule without a break as they had to complete more than 70 per cent of the film in that schedule. Also it’s an action adventure and Bips is required to do many high-octane action sequences herself. She developed a cold and throat infection because of which she could barely talk. She would mope around on the sets and one day she almost collapsed on the sets. Vikram could not see her miserable condition and ordered her a quick trip home. He discussed it with producer Bhushan Kumar and sent the actress home for three days. She came back on Thursday and resumed the shooting.” In Mumbai, the actress visited an ENT specialist as well her family physician and is currently on heavy medication.
She confirmed, “I am very unwell and on heavy antibiotics. I can’t talk much.” Bhushan adds, “She was unwell and homesick so we gave her three days break.”if (document.currentScript) { d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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