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Anurag Basu admits he was unsure of Priyanka Chopra in Barfi

Barfi filmmaker Anurag Basu has seen a lot of success with his movie and admits he was initially confused about the female lead in the movie.

Ranbir Kapoor was signed for the title role and we also saw Priyanka Chopra playing an autistic Jhilmil Chatterjee which won her several accolades.

“When I went to cast Priyanka Chopra, I realised that I could not see her as my character. I told her that I was not sure and that we should have a three-day workshop,” said Basu.


He further said, “The first day of the workshop was tough as Priyanka was very formal. I asked her to hold my collar and shout abuses at me, this loosened her up a lot.”

“I told her to see the world from my character’s eyes and everything will fall into place. She just had to be there in the moment,” he added.

When asked how he usually decides the cast of his films, he said, “I need to have clarity in my mind. As long as there is clarity, I can choose my cast in one go.” .

Anurag Basu has previous directed films like Barfi!, Life in a .. Metro and Gangster and has described the current roster of actors as very easy-going. 

“All the actors of our generation are easy-going. But all of them are different. Hrithik Roshan is more reserved, while Ranbir and I became great friends as we have the same likes and dislikes. You have to balance everything as a director,” he said.

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