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Rakhi Sawant giving Salman some family planning advice!


The Queen of controversy Rakhi Sawant who has vanished somewhere since her last appearance in a reality show has commented about the Shahrukh Khan’s third baby through surrogacy topic! Though Shahrukh earlier said that this matter is ‘personal and confidential’ to him, Rakhi is extravagantly outspoken about the huge news.
She said, “So many people have gone in for surrogacy. Even Aamir Khan has a surrogate child. I am proud of SRK, I salute him for this decision. It’s a big thing. The couple must be having a personal problem that is why they opted for surrogacy.”

If that wasn’t enough, she took a swing at the third khan, Salman Khan too!
She said, “I think even Salman Khan should go for surrogacy. He hasn’t got his true love. He got it once and lost her. But if he doesn’t want to marry ever, then this is the best way to still get a child.”She further added, “If I don’t marry ever, even I will become a surrogate mother.”

Rakhi Sawant who’s very well known for her motor-mouth is back in the news again and let’s see if Salman actually takes her comments seriously unlike us!

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