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Ranveer Singh clears air about NOT being drunk

Remember that time when Ranveer Singh got out of Arjun Kapoor’s birthday party and was sweating bullets and acting rather tipsy? Well according to Ranveer, he was not drunk and was just enjoying the party a bit too much. He confesses that he is does not like drinking and is not much of a drinker. He also says he likes dancing and lot and when he is done dancing and sweats a lot people generally tend to assume that he is drunk. What a connection!

This is what he had to say

Lets rewind a little when Ranveer was in Kolkata

Nope, I’m not drunk

Ranveer Singh

Not high, just dancing

Ranveer Singh

Well, this is just apple juice, I don’t like to drink

Ranveer Singh

concentrate on what he’s saying?

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