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Bollywood’s worst action scenes

We often expect from our men to go break someones face if they tease us or even say something which can be totally ignored. Well, did you guys ever think where we get these unrealistic, violent and cruel expectations from? The answer is Bollywood! Take a look at Bollywood’s worst action scenes which give us these lame expectations and unreal image of what a man should be!

akshay kumar

Wow. What can I say about this fight scene? Mr Khiladi is a true Khiladi. He chases the villain in skates and throws an anchor to catch hold of the villain’s car all while a bunch of goons are chasing him in vans! Epic. In a very funny way.

sunny deol

This scene will make you laugh out loud! How is this even an action scene? Sunny Deol shrugs his shoulder and the local gunda falls away. Then when they start fighting, within second the gunda is lying on the floor and is acting like a jal bin machli!


Fight scenes are incomplete without mentioning Rajnikanth’s name and showing his fight scenes. Other hero’s are just little kids when compared to this meanie Rajni! Take a look at how he throws gundas on transformers and aims them at windshields of cars!

ajay devgn

What is Ajay trying to do? By destructing public property like that? Trying to be a hero? Well that’s not nice nor is it realistic. It’s not even funny! Why Bollywood, why!!

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