Neetu Chandra’s Bhojpuri production at the Fiji fest

Neetu Chandra’s Bhojpuri production “Deswa” has been chosen for the Fiji film festival and the actress will visit the island country next month.

“It is the first film in 50 years to be chosen in Indian panorama from Bhojpuri. I am proud of it. Right now it has been selected for Fiji film festival and I am am going there next month,” Neetu said here Friday at an event organised by Cancer Patients Aid Association.

Neetu is also awaiting the release of her Greek-English film and two Hindi films.

“My Greek-English film ‘Let Not the Americans Know’ will release October worldwide. My two Hindi films are also ready for release. So I am taking it slowly, choosing work because you don’t get many chances in the industry,” she said.

Neetu’s next Hindi release iS “Kusar Prasad Ka Bhoot” and “Shooter.”

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