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Divya Dutta says people will realise the worth of the brother-sister bond

Actress Divya Dutta has said that the brother-sister relation between Farhan Akhtar and herself in ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’  will help people realise the worth of such a lovely bond which is not so often seen in Bollywood these days.

“I am playing Farhan’s sister in the film, it is a central role. The brother-sister relation is an integral part of the film. We have not seen much bonding between brother-sister of late. The last one I could remember is that of Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s in ‘Josh’,” Divya told.

“The film will see a beautiful emotional relation. Everyone would be moved by seeing them,” she said.

Divya was helped by her director for such a challenging and difficult role. “My character grows from 16 to 35 years and hence I have various looks. I relied completely on the script, followed by director and Farhan. I did meet Milkha Singhji to understand the relation he shared with his sister,” she added.

Divya was quite touched while shooting some scenes. “We have not used glycerin even once, we kept it all real. While shooting we all were moved, It left a lump in my throat. Farhan made me quite comfortable, he looks just like Milkha. I did meet Milkha Singhji to understand the relationship he shared with his sister,” she said.



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