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Aditya Pancholi: I’ve had innumerable affairs


Suraj Pancholi who was recently accused of abetting suicide and will stay in custody until July 11 shares a strange connection with his father, Aditya Pancholi’s life-history.

For the second time in around six months, Aditya Pancholi is back in the news for some troublesome events. He has been booked, not arrested yet, for allegedly punching and assaulting his neighbour on Thursday, said the police.

Educationist Bhargav Patel was the neighbour who was assaulted and he provided a CCTV footage evidence for the same. This incident took place on June 19 when Aditya Pancholi angrily attacked Patel over a parking brawl inside their housing society in the Versova area. This is the second incident which involves this duo in the past six months.

The previous incident occured on January 15 when Aditya was irritated with some renovation going on at Mr. Patel’s home and Aditya Pancholi with some men entered Patel’s house and an attack by Aditya Pancholi was the product. Aditya Pancholi has been in the news for wrong reasons quite frequently. Here’s two of the most controversial incidents revolving Aditya Pancholi from the past.

According to reports, while Pooja Bedi was sharing some knowledge with Shiney Ahuja’s wife during the latter’s rape case, Pooja Bedi had confirmed that the rape allegation on Aditya Pancholi was the reason she broke up with him.

“You have to be balanced. I made a logical decision that infidelity wouldn`t be part of my life, so I dumped Aditya. My advice to Anu would be `Don`t make hasty decisions. Take a decision after calming down, so it`s a rational one,” Pooja had said.

She then said “I was happy to move on after I dumped Aditya when my maid had made similar allegations but there are some women who will accept it as a mistake, reconcile and forget about it.”

Later on, news of his relationship with the struggling actress Kangana Ranaut emerged. Even though Kangana was half his age and he was already married with two kids, Aditya had a scandalous love affair with her and made public his decision of moving-in with Kangana. However, the couple later called it quits.

After that, something more cruel emerged. His alleged affair with Kangana Ranaut, who is half his age, was up for shows while Pancholi was already married with two kids and he also made a decision to move-in with Kangana. But later on, the couple broke up.

According to the buzz, Aditya had said “We have stopped seeing one another for a while now. Some time back she called me to say she wanted money, about Rs 1 crore, to buy a house. I called up a banker-friend and stood as her guarantor and got her a loan of Rs 50 lakh.”

“Then, I gave her Rs 55 lakh cash from my pocket. Of this, she has returned Rs 25 lakh. She still owes me Rs 30 lakh. I`ve also spent Rs 10 lakh on her sister`s plastic surgery, after the acid attack. But I`m not asking for that back. I paid all the bills. When Mukesh Bhatt asked back for her signing amount of Rs 50,000, I paid that for her too. I`ve written all that off. But I`d like to have the money that I lent her for her house,” he had said.

Talking about the kind of relationship they had, Pancholi said, “We were as good as husband and wife. I was actually building a house for both of us on Yari Road. We lived together for three years at a friends` place. I used to show her a lot of movies.”
 “I was building a home for the two of us. Even the phone she was using was mine.”

However, after having various love affairs, he eventually came back to his wife. “Zarina has been my support and strength. In spite of all the pain that I`ve caused her she says she wants to be my wife for seven more lives. All Kangana had to do was tell me she was seeing this boy. Why was she cooing into my ears just a few days before she walked the red carpet with Adhyayan`s family? I`ve had innumerable affairs. I`ve never spoken about any of my women,” he added.


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