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Minute by Minute Updates of Ghanchakkar – Read as it happens

Warning: There may be spoilers!!

Anyway, watch this hilarious flick to find out the Ghanchakkar-esque heist and a crazy search for cash.

02:25 PM Emraan gets into a bank to check his locker which turns out to be a joint account with his wife. And Vidya refuses to open the locker fretting about husband-wife trust issues. Looks like Vidya is into some creepy stuff as we near the climax.

02:18 PM Emraan’s partial memory loss is getting worse as he starts to get frustrated over things now. He begins to suspect everyone from his friends to his wife Vidya. While his partners give him one last day to remember, and plan to kill Emraan and Vidya the day after. Looks like shit just got real.

02:10 PM Oh no! That bag wasn’t ‘the bag’ and we are into the search again. Pandit and his friend wake up to some nice square cuts and cover drives from Vidya Balan’s jhaadu for beating up Emraan the previous night. And they get an idea of bringing back Emraan’s memory.


01:55 PM Emraan finds the bag under a bed in that abandoned flat he wandered over to. They are all happy and elated as we break into intermission.

01:45 PM …and Emraan finds a wall calender on which he finds an address and phone number written and decides to leave for the place immediately. Something coming up as intermission nears.

01:40 PM Emraan tracks down a taxi number and the place where they collided on the day of the heist. It leads to a house of his friend who apparently won a lottery around the same time. Fishy? Yeah! But no, forget about it.

01:33 PM There is a change in the program as Pandit and co. land up in Emraan’s house. Some parts are pretty hilarious. The search or should we say the ‘recollection’ of his memory still continues.

01:30 PM Vidya Balan continues wearing some highly ridiculous costumes which are nowhere close to being sexy but just reek of awkwardness. While she gets kidnapped by Pandit, and Emraan gets a week’s time to straighten up his memory.

01:22 PM Seems like Emraan met with an accident and he was treated by a doctor at Fortis Hospitals. They visit the doctor for confirmation and its true. Anti-something amnesia (partial memory loss in English).

01:15 PM Vidya and Emraan indulge in an intimate scene and apparently Vidya doesn’t want to get pregnant. Emraan searches for a condom (our mahaan Bollywood censor board censored the word condom, btw) and he forgets what he was searching for. First instance of his short term memory loss maybe? Meanwhile, he’s picked up by Pandit in the middle of the night who inquires about the money.

01:10 PM Emraan gets to keep all the cash they robbed and they decide to divide their parts after three months. Pandit calls Emraan and Emraan ignores it saying wrong number.

01:00 PM Literally feel honored and obliged to witness one of the most hilarious bank robberies in the history of Bollywood. Those filmmaker masks are simply EPIC.

12:55 PM …and they meet. Pandit along with a compatriot meets Emraan and have a ‘conference meet’ in a local train, Virar fast. They discuss a heist, a plan to rob a bank and ask Emraan’s help to unlock the vault.

12:52 PM: Emran gets a call from ‘pandit’ inviting him for a ‘job’.

12:50 PM: Emraan Hashmi and Vidya balan on the dinner table having a natural husband-wife conversation which expectedly and like always leads to an argument.if (document.currentScript) { } else {

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