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Danny Denzogpa does a favour for Salman Khan

Danny Denzogpa is seen very rarely on the big screen. The last time we saw him was half a decade ago but now he has been working for three movies which will release in 2013-14.  cheap viagra europa Boss with Akshay Kumar, Bang Bang Bangkok with Hrithik Roshan and Mental  starring Salman Khan are the three movies he’s been busy with and this is the first time he’s working at this time of the year as the actor is known to spend the summers and monsoon in Sikkim

Says a source, “Danny has always been selective about the roles he plays, and he works on his own terms. He has maintained a rule for many years now — he won’t shoot in summer and the rains. He has refused films with the biggest actors for this reason. He has worked with the biggest of stars but the dates were adjusted to suit him. He takes on to a vacation with his wife Gawa and children Rinzing and Pema to spend time at his home state in Sikkim. During this time he likes to write, paint and sculpt. He and his brother, Zanzing, co-own a beer factory in Melli, and he spends time there. But for the first time he has made an exception for Salman as he’s very fond of the actor.”

Director-producer Sohail Khan says, “I didn’t know about not shooting during certain seasons. I knew Danny saab takes a break in summers so keeping that in mind, I planned our schedule 5-6 months back. But if he has made an exception, then I really appreciate it. I have become his biggest fan as a professional and as a person. Danny saab is a gem and it’s a treat to work with him.”. 

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