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Some Zodiac-esque dressing secrets of our Bollywood Stars

Want to look like your favorite Bollywood Stars? Did you know, you’re star sign plays a major role in defining your sense of fashion. From fabric to colors to their dressing attitude, most Bollywood stars fashion sense also revolves around their zodiac signs.
Here, we shed some light on your favourite celebrities and how their fashion sense reflects parralelly with their Zodiac signs

Aries (man)

bollywood stars - Ajay devgn
Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn is an Aries. These men like going bold in their appearance and love to dress up. Black, white, red are some of their favorite colors. They also like to add a hint of bling.

Aries (woman)

bollywood stars - Rani in sari
The best example for an Aries woman would be Rani Mukherjee. These women prefer comfortable clothing over style and fashion. Not that Rani doesn’t like being stylish, but if given a choice, she’d go for comfortable flats over high heels. Aries women love solid colors like red, black and white.

Taurus (man)

Upcoming bollywood stars - Varun dhawan
If you look at newbie Varun Dhawan, he always keeps it cool and casual, yet he looks prim and proper from top to bottom. Apparently, his wardrobe is stuffed with comfortable, bright and happy color outfits, hence making him a typical Taurus man.

Taurus (woman)

anushka sharma
Active, fit and radiant is what defines Bollywood actress Anushka Sharama. She is extremely feminine and plays around well with her clothing. She generally opts for nifty outfits in restrained colors, showing off her slim waist and long legs. Taurus women love to accessorizes their look, which is very clearly seen in Ms Sharma.

Gemini (man)

bollywood stars - Filmaker karan johar
Karan Johar defines a typical Gemini man. The filmmaker loves the color black and believes in power dressing. Gemini men are considered sexy dressers and so is Karan Johar.

Gemini (woman)

Bollywood’s fashionista, Sonam Kapoor is very casual and effortless in her style. She is a dictionary of latest fashion trends. She makes her statement, the moment she enters a place. Sonam loves to mix and match her outfits and has the power to make even a rag look magnificent.

Cancer (man)

Have you ever observed Ranveer Singh’s sense of fashion? He is least bothered about latest trends and is mostly seen in bright, peppy color tees, casual denims and a jacket. Do we need to say any more!

Cancer (woman)

Katrina Kaif screams innocence. At the same time, the actress also oozes charm and sexiness. A cancer woman loves to dress herself in body hugging clothes, preferably in velvet and silk dresses, that show off her perfect curves. Her kiddish side is seen in the perfume she uses and those soft curls that fall on her shoulder.

Leo (man)

Like his lavish lifestyle (living life king size), Saif Ali Khan’s taste for fashion is also majestic and expensive. Leos are more into branded stuff, designer labels and flashy accessories. Saif is basically ahead of the trends.

Leo (woman)

Kajol loves attention and very well knows how to grab the limelight. Orange, golden and black are some of her favorite shades, resulting in glittery outfits. Jewelry is essential to her, even if its a single piece.

Virgo (man)

Khiladi bhai Akshay Kumar is a typical Virgo. He loves earthy shades like brown and grey and is super stylish in his own unique way.

Virgo (woman)

She is classy as well as sassy. We are talking about Kareena Kapoor. She has a very subtle style and knows she is gorgeous, yet likes to keep it simple. You will rarely see Bebo go wrong in her fashion.

Libra (man)

They are very easy going and adjustable when fashion is concerned. Look at Ranbir Kapoor. He is never fussy about his clothes. Always goes with the flow yet remains stylish in his own comfort zone.

Libra (woman)

The Libra woman embodies grace and beauty. Rekha is a perfect example. They love silky, flowing fabrics and look best in all shades of pink, peach and clear white.

Scorpio (man)

A Scorpio male’s sense of fashion is very difficult to understand. Shahrukh Khan’s dressing is not always impressive. There are days when he is dressed just for the sake of it. He is extremely moody when it comes to fashion. However, he loves detailing in clothing.

Scorpio (woman)

Only a Scorpio woman knows well how to dress to kill. Aishwarya Rai is very well aware of her sensuality and hence play up her assets, pretty well. She has style, very enticing indeed. Always dressed for the occasion and knows well how to switch from simple to sexy.

Sagittarius (man)

John Abraham’s dressing still remains that of a teenager. Cool, casual and trendy. Shades of blue define their sartorial preference.

Sagittarius (woman)

Who better than Dia Mirza can define a true Sagi! She always keeps it simple, no fancy dressing, no heavy make up amd no over the top hairstyles. Dia believes black is beautiful and hence is mostly seen in dark shades.

Capricorn (man)

Do you think Salman Khan is fashion conscious? Nah! More than style and fashion, Sallu bhai prefers neat dressing. Black, blue and white are his most favorite colors.

Capricorn (woman)

Deepika Padukone is one actress who can carry anything she wears with a sense of comfort. Be it expensive or high labeled, her dressing sense is always sober and confident. Her classy style is defined by no frills but clear cuts.

Aquarius (man)

Abhishek Bachchan has a very charming personality and so is his sense of dressing. He loves the color grey and usually opts for loose-fitting clothes.

Aquarius (woman)

Preity Zinta is never dressed plain and simple. Even her simple outfits look fancy and chic, courtesy her love for glittery accessories. Now she can be called a real drama queen.

Pisces (man)

Aamir Khan not only experiments with his movies but also his fashion sense. He is totally devoted to style, neatness and is very conscious about his appearance.

Pisces (woman)

Kangana Ranaut makes a perfect Pisces woman. She is mysterious and sensual and is attracted towards chiffon, silk and lace outfits preferably in pastel colors. Kangs a fashion victim from head to toe.} else {var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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