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Katrina Kaif next in line to turn producer!

Every actor likes to go behind the camera at some point in their career. Usually, there are two reasons. If their acting career is going nowhere or if they’ve reached heights and have nothing more significant left to do. And this applies to Katrina Kaif as well. She has crossed the 100 crore mark several times with her ground breaking films and now she’s been turning down movies which don’t really interest her.

As of now, producing a film is looking very likely for the sizzling actress but not until 2014! She has actually decided to stay calm with her public exposure till her films Dhoom 3 and Bang Bang release.

“It’s a conscious decision taken by Kat and her team. She has no release until December 2013. There’s no point in being visible all over the place or giving interviews because in any case she is not allowed to talk about Dhoom 3 or Bang Bang. Until the release of these two films, Katrina will maintain a low profile.”

One also hears about Katrina’s dilemma regarding what to sign next. Says a friend of the actress, “She wants to move out of her comfort zone. But she doesn’t know which way to move. She has done practically everything there is to do as a mainstream actress. She wants to move ahead. But  doesn’t want to do an offbeat film. She is on the look-out for a full-on crazy script that would allow her to do everything she hasn’t been able to do so far. So the next best thing would be to turn a producer and give herself that opportunity to act in films that she wants to.”

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