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Suraj’s ex-girlfriend Janvi breaks her silence over the Jiah Khan saga..

Suraj Pancholi’s ex-girlfriend Janvi Turakhia has come forward and spoken up about the on going Jiah Khan saga. She has said that she never found Suraj abusive or violent in the five years they were together.

According to recent reports, Janvi was apparently shocked to hear the accusations that were made against Suraj abetting Jiah Khan’s suicide. She claims that all those charges are false and Suraj was just being framed and unnecessarily being dragged into this as the villain.

“Whatever I am reading and hearing in the papers and TV, it is like they are talking about another person altogether. Of course my heart goes out to Jiah’s family. But I can’t believe a word of what they are saying about Sooraj! This Sooraj, who is supposed to have done these awful things to that poor girl, is not the Sooraj I know. My Sooraj is incapable of violence against anyone. He hates any kind of confrontation. Whenever we fought I was the one who was more aggressive. He would quietly leave the room. If he’s angry or upset he likes to be on his own to work his way out of the problem,” she said.

When talking about her previous relationship with Suraj, Janvi also claimed that they remained friends after their break-up.

“And not just Suraj. I am very fond of Aditya uncle and Zarina aunty too. They are like family to me and my mother,” she added.

When asked point blank if Sooraj ever ill-treated her, Janvi promptly said, “No! Never! Do you think I’d have been with him for nearly six years if he ever did anything like that? When I read the news accusing him of physical abuse and what-not, I was too shocked for words. Sooraj can never behave like this. If he was that guy, I would have seen that side of him at least once in all those years we were together.”

Janvi continued to defend her former boyfriend by saying where to get vigra with no rx “I don’t think any girl knows him better than I do. It’s impossible to dislike Sooraj. We were friends for the longest time even before we started dating. Even after we broke up we remained friends. Our families are also close. My mom loves Sooraj like her own son. When he would come home she would cook for him. Sooraj’s biggest weakness is his over-emotional nature. He gets upset by any hint of unpleasantness. To inflict pain or violence is unthinkable for him. He is one of the most soft-hearted souls I know. He not only treats his parents, sister and close friends with utmost love and affection, he treats even his domestic help, staff and driver like family.”

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  1. Sakshi

    June 25, 2013 at 4:48 am

    Based on the science of ‘statement analysis’, Janvi is lying.

  2. Raju Vastavik

    June 24, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    Question to Janvi..
    If he is so nice person, and prince charming, and its impossible for any girl to dislike him, and that you still love his parents too..Why the hack in world, you broke up with him?
    Also, is it your silent wish to win him back to fill the spot Jia khan created or is it your jealousy toward jia after your breakup?

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