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Ranbir and Deepika don’t care about being the most desirable or sexy

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are not bothered about being voted as the most desirable or sexiest man or woman on this earth. They just care about being remembered as good actors. 

Both believe that they are actors first, and then the other tags can be put on them. “I am an actor, I am not a model. I am not here to be desirable. If I am desirable it is a good thing but it doesn’t matter if I lose on that front. For instance, Mr Amitabh Bachchan may not figure in that hottest desired list today, but the kind of respect that he gets, and the kind of person that he is, the kind of work he has done, I want to be like him rather than somebody who is just desired,” says Ranbir. “It is great if you get that title, too.You feel good for that day. But the next day you forget… you go home, brush your teeth in the morning and sit on the pot and then you don’t feel desirable anymore. I rather get respect as an actor,” Ranbir further adds.

Deepika says, “It is not that I am walking around with some crown on my head and feeling like a beauty queen as if I have won the Miss World title. Being a good actor is more important for me. I hope that the love and appreciation that I get from people is more to do with the person I am, I don’t take physical attributes, beauty and all seriously.”

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