Anushka delays ad-film shoot for a stupid reason

Looks like someone’s in the race for becoming the new ‘drama-queen’ of Bollywood.┬áThere is a buzz around the town that while shooting an ad-film for a skin care brand, Anushka Sharma was very pissed and locked herself in the vanity van.

Apparently, Anushka spotted another young actress who had the same hairdo and make-up as she had donned for the ad film and this pissed Anushka off so much that she decided to halt the shoot and walked off into the vanity van till the other girl’s get up was changed.

The crew had no other option but to change the girl’s make-up and then Anushka agreed to continue with the ad film. Although Anushka’s spokesperson denied such claims but we all know how actresses are, right?



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