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Minute by minute updates for Raanjhanaa

Warning: there may be spoilers!!

12:41 PM : Okay, so now everything is normal, at least I hope so because this movie has some really absurd and abrupt twists. My work here ends. You gotta watch the movie to find out the rest.

12:32 PM :  Dhanush and other party members get thrashed by the cops and looks like Sonam is now ready to bury the hatchet with Dhanush.

12:26 PM : Dhanush goes around helping the AICP party in winning over with the public. He plans to make amends with the party expecting even Sonam would comeback to him. But Sonam takes a wrong turn and tries to turn everyone against Dhanush.

12:15 PM : Dhanush reaches Delhi in search of Zoya and finds her running for elections for college political party. Zoya completely detaches herself from Dhanush while he decides to become a chai wala to stay in Delhi.

12:07 PM : They reach Punjab and right away into Abhay’s haveli. Another twist. Hmmm. So many twists and turns!!

11:59 AM : Abhay frets about how his perfect life was almost ruined because he fell in love with Zoya. while Dhanush plans to run with Zoya to Punjab. Banking my hopes on Sonam turning out to be a Christian now. Killer twist.

11:49 AM : The movie starts with Sonam slitting her wrist as well. Crazy stuff. I bet love birds are gonna get inspired by such stuff. *sigh*


11:38 AM :  So here’s the twist. Something just had to happen on the marriage day.

11:32 AM : Great. After helping Sonam by convincing her dad for Abhay Deol (Akram), Dhanush feels used and swears that he would get married when Zoya does. Bindiya’s wait is finally being paid off as Dhanush chooses her to be his bride.

11:23 AM : Dhanush looks really upset listening to Sonam and Abhay’s love story. And looks lie driving a scooter into the ganges wasn’t good enough, he slits his wrist for the second time.

11:16 AM : Okay, here comes Abhay Deol, Sonam’s love. He’s a president of his college. A rough starts to her love life but I guess the love would eventually surface.

11:10 AM : With the help of Bindiya and his other friends, Dhanush gets Sonam out of the situation and they all become good friends. But Sonam still doesn’t love him and remains friends.

11:07 AM : Bindiya who’s truly madly deeply in love with Dhanush continues her routine with praying for Zoya to die as she’s totally against Dhanush and Sonam being together. On the other end, Sonam is visited by a guy for marriage but she’s not interested at all. And asks Dhanush for help.

10:59 AM : Dhanush is deeply hurt by her refusal of feelings but decides to pursue her.

10:58 AM : Sonam fails to recognize Dhanush at first but slowly Dhanush helps her remember their old days. And after recognizing him, she plainly refuses to have any feelings for him. But Dhanush looks like a very stubborn guy.

10:50 AM : Okay, the film takes an age leap and now everyone’s young. We come to know that Sonam is coming back to Banaras and Dhanush is all happy singing the title track of Raanjhanaa.

10:48 AM : Dhanush promises to wait for her no matter how long she takes to come back to Banaras.

10:47 AM : Sonam is forced by her parents to leave town for further studies as they do not approve her relation with Dhanush who is hindu

10:43 AM : After Sonam realizes Dhanush is Hindu and not Rizwan (like he claimed to me), she slaps him again, God!! And Dhanush asks her to say ‘pyaar nahi hay‘ which she does and he ends up slitting his wrist. Sonam leaves the town for further studies follows up.

10:40 AM : Okay.. So after getting some inspiration from Sanjay Dutt of Saajan, Dhanush confesses his love for Sonam and after a series of hysterical slaps, 15 to be precise . Zoya (Sonam Kapoor) decides to meet Dhanush.

10:37 AM :  Like all 7 year olds, he immediately falls in love with the cute girl. And, like all boys, he decides not to confess his love. So far, so typical.

10:35 AM :  The flashback starts in the small town of Banaras where little boy Dhanush is seen playing with his friends.

10:33 AM : His Hindi has a heavy Tamil accent

10:32 AM : Then it goes into flashback with Dhanush narrating how he landed in the hospital

10:30 AM : The movie starts with Dhanush in the hospital.

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