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Bollywood actors and their wacky weaknesses

They may look all prim, proper and perfect with enviable lives and lifestyles. But, our Bollywood stars, like every common man, too have a few quirky habits and vices, they are trying to get rid off. Take a look at some of their weird, wacky weaknesses and get yourself some consolation and company.

Vidya Balan

This super talented actress is a very forgetful person, so much that at times, she forgets to check her mobile for days and often lands up missing important events. Does she forget to take her paychecks too? *winks*

Kareena Kapoor

Begum sahiba Kareena Kapoor uses FAKE nails??? Oouch! Apparently, the pretty damsel has a habit of chewing her nails. And what’s worse is that the actress most often doesn’t even realize that her fingers are in her mouth. She claims to have tried her best to get rid of this habit but is unable to.

Sushmita Sen

Oh my God! Did you know, our ex Miss Universe loves to bathe in the open, under the sky, gazing at the moon and the stars? Yes, you heard it right. Sush likes it that way and hence has her bathtub placed on her open terrace!

Priyanka Chopra

Piggy Chops is a cleanliness freak! The desi babe is bitten by the compulsive obsessive disorder bug. She likes having things placed in order and gets extremely upset even if a pin is not kept in its proper place. It is also heard that Ms Chopra tends to think a lot and gets worked up about petty things.

Saif Ali Khan

The Chhote Nawab apparently has a library in his bathroom! He loves spending hours in that little territory, pondering over his life and other things. Royal ishtyle we say. Wonder if his wedding decision was also taken there! *just saying*.

John Abraham

Our macho man John is a super restless guy. He just cannot stand or sit still. Apparently, his family complains of his leg shaking habit. He continuously shakes his legs while sitting, annoying the people around him.

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  1. Arif

    July 21, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    But Hot Kareena Kapoor nails looks Original

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