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5 Most Erratic Deaths In Bollywood

These days people dying in Bollywood movies can only get a yawn from us viewers but there were some movies where they kinda trolled us! Like who the hell would kill herself while performing a mujra? Wait.. Don’t answer. Watch the videos instead!


This has to be the most funniest death in the history of Bollywood. The way Amitabh Bachchan fake suffers the bullets is quite funny but what’s funnier is Dharmendra’s crazy accent. The way Dharmendra talks with so much pain (Jaiiii, Jaiiii.. Tu theeeekkkkk haiii naaaaaa? ) makes me wonder who is actually hurt? Jai or Veeru? Lol! Funniest part? Amitabh Bachchan rolls in pain and Dharmendra not knowing what to do hugs him tightly. Yeah! Like that’s going to ease his pain! He should’ve just smooched and sucked the bullet out of Amitabh instead.


This epic scene is from the movie Deedar-E-Yaar. At first Rekha is shown singing and dancing with a knife in her hand. Just when you begin to wonder whats up with her, she puts on a pained expression and suddenly she stabs herself. WHAT! Who does that? Is that for real? The entire scene is pretty lame but what beats that amount of stupidity is her will to continue to sing that song and dance whilst suffering with extreme pain from the stabbing. Question for all. What are those people in the background doing? Talk about bystander intervention!


Oh My God!! I have no words to describe this scene. This is probably the best death scene Bollywood has ever witnessed. It is soo emotional that you just can’t stop yourself from crying. Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna have really created magic in this scene. Amitabh Bachchan’s brooding character and Rajesh Khanna’s lively persona makes the entire scene so real. One can feel the entire situation and not help but feel sorry for the demise of character who was so full of life all the time.


Mere pass ma hai, to this date remains as one of the most famous, dramatic, emotional scene. the conversation between Rishi Kapoor and Big B basked all the glory and this dramatic scene got lost somewhere. The ever so tragic background music and the hurt and helpless Amitabh Bachchan crawling on the stairs of the mandir to reach his mother is just way too dramatic! Nirupa Roy doesn’t disappoint us with her antics either.

khoon bhari maang

This scene takes domestic violence to an entirely new level. Feeding your wife to the alligators. Yikes!!! How cruel can they be? After displaying such extreme level of domestic violence at a National level, Bollywood celebrities then join hands and run campaigns for save woman, stop domestic violence and what not? How about stopping these crazy movies? The censor board acts all high and mighty and refuses to certify petty kissing scenes but doesn’t even stop to think once before certifying movies with such extreme level of domestic violence. Bravo!

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