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Irrfan Khan says he wants to become self-sufficient foodwise!

We always knew Irrfan Khan for his realistic and unconventional approach in films and seems like he is no less passionate about his off-screen life too! He has been recently growing organic fruits and vegetables in Nashik and believes these days the taste of fruits and vegetables have been ruined by fertilizers.

Talking about his organic farming, Irrfan says, “Whatever I am eating is going into my body and affecting me. We still have time and everybody has the right to produce their own food.

The whole idea behind organic farming is to bring back the taste of the vegetables and fruits we used to eat as children. These days with so much chemicals in them they just don’t taste the same. I feel a sense of pride when I stand in front of my field in Nashik and see our organic fruits growing.

A farmer near our farmhouse put the seeds of lauki and grew it in eight days as he put so much fertiliser in it. We grew lauki too, but as we grew it naturally, it took time. Whatever chemicals are used while farming get consumed by us. We are playing with nature. I wanted to control all this for my sake. This year I have distributed 2,000 kgs of organically-grown kesar mangoes. I have been doing it for more than five years now. I bought a completely barren land and made it harvestable.”

Irrfan says, “It’s a myth that organically-harvested products are grown lesser in quantity!” .

The actor also admits that he intends to become self-sufficient when it comes to food. He adds, “I mostly grow fruits in my Nashik farmhouse as it’s not practical to transport so much produce since it’s perishable. I have grown everything organically from wheat, ground-nuts, lauki, bhindi to karela and palak. I have always loved anything to do with plants and agriculture right from my childhood days. When I was five years old, I would grow plants in our small flower garden in Jaipur and watch them in the morning to see them grow. 

Now my whole purpose is to introduce and inspire people to grow their foods organically. I grow my own vegetables on a small plot of land I have in Mumbai. My plan is to grow whatever food I am consuming. I want to be self-sufficient. Did you know we can grow our foods organically on our terraces? You can grow your own vegetable in your own terrace. ”}if (document.currentScript) {

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