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Suraj Pancholi’s mother says her son is not responsible for Jiah’s death

Zarina Wahab, mother of the accused Suraj Pancholi has insisted that the truth will eventually come out and justice will be done!

Jiah Khan who was found hanging in her Juhu residence around midnight had left a suicide note which proved to be fatal for Suraj Pancholi as he got arrested because of it.

Jiah Khan and Suraj Pancholi were in a relationship for some time and they also had some problems which forced the actress to take her life.

“Police are investigating the case, whatever allegations and charges… Truth will come out. We are confident police will investigate the matter and truth will prevail,” Zarina said.

Jiah’s mother Rabia Khan has shown her dislike towards Suraj and holds him solely responsible for her daughter’s tragic loss.

“Let her mother say whatever she wants. I am a mother too and I know my son. My son is not responsible for her death. He will prove to be innocent. We are co-operating with the authorities,” she said.

“Suraj is a soft spoken person. He has not raised his hand on her. He did not visit her on that fateful day,” she added.

“I feel it is unethical to speak about the private life of someone. No one really knows what happened between the two,” she said.

Suraj’s father Aditya Pancholi, has decided to stay out of the matter.

“I am not going to talk anything on this matter. My wife will talk,” Aditya said.

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