Shahrukh Khan to become a father for the third time!

The King Khan of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan, will become a father for the third time!

According to reports from the media, the couple is apparently going to have a third child through surrogacy. This is actually a secret and very few people are enlightened to this news. But this ‘secret’ news has been leaked out by the media.

A source close to Shahrukh Khan says the baby is a boy and it was Gauri Khan’s decision to go in for surrogacy.

If the reports are to be believed, the couple have consulted the same doctor that Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan had gone to for their baby, Azad who was given birth by a surrogate mother.

Shahrukh Khan’s kids Aryan(15) and Suhana(13) are also excited about their new brother while preparations have begun to welcome the new ‘khan’ in Mannat.

One thought on “Shahrukh Khan to become a father for the third time!

  1. i’m so happy for shahrukh and shahrukh if u are reading this then i would like to say your baby boy will be handsome as u and aryan are and god bless u . Now i can’t say i’m your #1 fan cuz alot of people say that and sure that when this baby is born there will be alot more happiness in the house then they’re was god bless u and have a wonderful life for u and your childrens and little shahrukh whi is born
    by:simran sharma

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