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Bollywood industry forcing Jiah Khan’s Rabia to withdraw charges on Suraj

Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia Khan says that she’s been receiving many calls from the film industry asking her to withdraw her charges against Suraj Pancholi.

Suraj Pancholi who was arrested due to the six-page letter written by Jiah and it’s contents. Suraj confessed that he had assaulted Jiah once during a holiday in Goa around eight months ago. He also said that Jiah had slit her wrists following his assault.

Rabia claims that several Bollywood biggies have approached her and have asked her to drop the charges. But Rabia looks very firm and says she would not withraw the complaint under any circumstances. `I have received many calls from the Bollywood fraternity asking me to withdraw the case and settle the matter, as they believe Sooraj is innocent,` she said.

The investigating officers have said that they have received the medical reports from the hospital where Jiah’s abortion had undergone.  `We have received the medical reports from the hospital where the foetus was aborted,` said an official.

The police also said that Suraj knew about the abortion like Jiah’s sisters Karishma and Kavita knew. The cops noted down Karishma’s statement again. They have also called in a handwriting expert to match the writing of the suicide note and other five love letters.

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  1. Susan

    July 17, 2013 at 2:35 am

    Salman Khan probably is the one who made people call her mom because he is protecting the killer of Jiah Khan.

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