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Suraj Pancholi gets detained by police in Jiah Khan’s suicide case

Suraj Pancholi who was the boyfriend of late Jiah Khan has now been detained for questioning by the Mumbai police. Jiah’s mother released a six-page letter supposedly written by Jiah to Suraj in which she has written everything about her troublesome relationship the couple shared. Suraj is also the last person who spoke to Jiah before she took her own life, according to the police.

Aditya Pancholi and his son Suraj had already been questioned by Mumbai police on June 4th but according to sources, it is being reported that Suraj might be charged with abetting her suicide. Anyway, the police are yet to arrive at a conclusion after analyzing the handwriting in the letter.

Rabia Amin Khan responded to the fact that the letter was not particularly addressed to anyone, “The letter does not have a name, so who it is addressed to is something you can only ask Jiah. But because of the incidents in the past and what she told me, all of these things point out to Suraj Pancholi.”

Ridiculous if he gets arrested on such  hazy evidence. A young man’s life is at stake and this issue should not be considered on emotional grounds. We hope the truth comes out as soon as possible and saves both the families from all the (unwanted) media attention!


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  1. Sunny

    June 11, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    This guy looks like a goonda.

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