You think you know me?

Who am I?He is an Indian actor, writer, film producer and television host. Has achieved pan-Indian appeal by working for films with a range of seven different languages. His ambition in life was to join the army but gave it up as he had to pursue a degree in Electronics thanks to his parents.

He made his television debut at the age of 25 and after 5 years he featured in his first film. He was supposed to play Jimmy Shergill’s role in My Name Is Khan but due to his hectic schedule, he was not available. He has acted in nearly 40 movies and holds the title – ‘the chococate boy’.

He is a vegetarian and endorses the brand PETA. He’s an animal lover and has 2 dogs and a parrot as his pets.

He was the lead character in two games and which was a hit in mobile phones!

Tough one?  Okay, here’s a clue..

He’s a gemini! Not helpful? Guess! We will reveal the answer soon.




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