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Salman Khan confirmed as the Bigg Boss season 7 host

The various speculations surrounding Bigg Boss season 7 has seemingly reached a conclusion.

There was a talk of Salman Khan getting replaced by his arch-rival Shahrukh Khan for the 7th season of Bigg Boss but we now know that the channel just can’t get on wtih the show without Salman in it.

A source who is close to the actor says, “ “SRK was never in the consideration. Salman has been getting the show amazing TRPs. He is also happy with the production team and has signed on to do the next season.”

There are rumours that the Dabangg actor will take some time out of his tight schedule to give a few dates for the show next month as it is slated to go on television in September.

Salman’s popularity and his fan following is unbelievable and his connection with the audience has always been unique and very entertaining.


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