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Jiah Khan apparently left a ‘note’

A popular website has just posted this on their website. Jiah Khan’s family has discovered a six-page long note written by Jiah herself few days ago. They claimed Jiah was into poetry and they felt she might have expressed herself through literature. The note reads a medical procedure and the emotional turmoil. It ominously begins with “by the time you will be reading this letter, probably by then I won’t be there in this world.” Terrible!

Official sources claim that, “We need to consult handwriting experts to form a conclusive opinion.” The cops are being cautious as to not label it as a ‘suicide note’ till they are sure that it has been written by Jiah Khan herself.

Another website claimed that Jiah Khan was sad with the demise of Whitney Houston and had written this poem then.

“What is this fame, it is the devil’s game
You run to succeed and then you let the vultures feed
Along that lonely road you loose yourself
Yet like mountains you build up your wealth
Your talent is a gift to all but for you it’s a curse and your downfall
All you want to do is live, laugh and love
But you sold your soul and are refused refuge from above
Along that lonely path you walk
With bitter-sweet memories and promises that were all talk
When it finally all ends
When you’re left with no friends
When your pain comes back
Scratching like nails on your back
You realise you were wrong from the beginning
You will always lose in this game, there is no winning.

She even recited the poem on television at one point of time.

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  1. hhhh

    June 8, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    all Bollywood actors should read this poem it expresses them she really wrote the right thing about the fake fame in Bollywood

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