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Ranbir Kapoor lacks the willpower to quit smoking!

Ranbir Kapoor had once promised that he had quit smoking on several occasions. He said that openly in one of his interviews with TOI also. But apparently, the actor has not been strong enough to stick to his words.Ranbir Kapoor recently, admitted being very honest that he has been unable to live up to his promise!

The handsome actor who loves to play football and does actively participate many of the charity games also reveals that in order for him to continue playing football, he needs to be fitter.

“I don’t play it often. If I get the chance I will, but I’m not that fit anymore. I also smoke cigarettes and meriumarab 30 ki ho gayi hai.”

About quitting the habit, he joked, “I guess I am a weak character!”

On a serious note, he added, “I don’t have the willpower but one day I will. I keep saying next birthday next birthday… soon I will be 40-45 and doctor will say, abtohchhodna hi padega.”

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