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Now, Akshay Kumar to play an underworld don!

It seems like everybody is turning an underworld don in Bollywood these days! Last we heard, Rishi Kapoor will be seen playing the role of an underworld don in D-Day, which is to release sometime soon. Not very long ago, we saw John Abraham playing underworld don Manya Surve in Shootout at WadalaEarlier, it was Emraan Hashmi and Ajay Devgan in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. The latest to join the rank of Bollywood’s reel underworld dons is none other than the Khiladi, Akshay Kumar, himself!

Akshay Kumar would be playing the role of Shoaib in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai‘s sequel, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again. In the prequel, the character of Shoaib was portrayed by Emraan Hashmi. While it is an open secret that the character is based on Dawood Ibrahim, Akshay Kumar says, “It is not based on any such character. I play this character of Shoaib who is a underworld don, it is a fictional thing. It is not related to anyone in real. It is continuation of part one”

The character that was earlier portrayed by Emraan Hashmi, will now be portrayed by Akshay. “I had seen Shoaib’s character in first part and I did carry the character forward,” Akshay Kumar told a newspaper. Before anybody could draw comparisons, or even think of, Akshay quipped, “I did not think of comparison. We do films because we like the script. I don’t know about comparison and all as I feel we are not in rat race.” Akshay also seems very excited about playing a negative character. He said, “I have enjoyed doing this role. I am thankful to my director Milan Luthria to give me something great, as I never got the chance to perform a role like this. To play a villain is a good thing. There is a different charm on your face.”

Coincidentally, Rishi Kapoor’s character in D-Day seems to be based on Dawood Ibrahim too! Despite the obvious attempts to style their characters like Dawood Ibrahim, filmmakers insist that their characters are ‘purely fictional’. Well, the city of Mumbai and underworld may be ‘purely fictional’ too, then. Ever wondered why every ‘fictional’ underworld don has to sport the same look?

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