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Minute by minute updates for Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Warning: there may be spoilers!!

1:53 PM : The star couple confess their love and rest of the story, shall remain a mystery for you guys until you go watch it yourself. It’s gonna be one massive hit! Don’t misss!

1:50 PM : The movie takes what I think is an amazing twist now. Rana Daggupati (Vikram) has entered the story and has completely taken Ranbir by surprise. But as I write, Deepika tearfully cries out saying Vikram is just a friend and Ranbir and Deepika kiss!

1:44 PM : Okay, everyone’s making Ranbir realise how important ‘apnapan’ is and life is not just about career and making money! A few emotional scenes.

1:31 PM : Followed by Ranbir and Deepika ‘s  “Dilliwali girlfriend” song. Very popular with the crowd. Watch the song

1:29 PM : Holy shit! The best part just arrived. And its Kunal Roy Kapur’s dance in the sangeet ritual! Lol. Super awesome and super funny!

1:23 PM : Aditya and Ranbir have a heated argument which leads to a brawl and eventually turns into a funny scene. Kalki arrives looking absolutely  ‘kadak’ and helps the two friends get closer.

1:18 PM : The haldi ritual is on and everyone has fun except Aditya Roy Kapur who is still gambling and still losing, like always. There seems to be some cracks in Ranbir and Aditya’s friendship now.

1:06 PM :  Ranbir makes a dramatic entrance here, with a few life fundas of his own. And ‘Badtameez Dil’ starts! (All I know is) Deepika looks gorgeous!! Hear the song here :

1:04 PM :  Kalki is getting married in India and invites Ranbir for the wedding. And the groom is Kunal Roy Kapur!

12:56 PM :  We return with a glimpse of United States while Ranbir starts chilling with beers and babes.

12:46 PM : Kahani mein twist. Ranbir snaps pics of a local drug deal, Deepika realizes her feelings for Ranbir and we go into the interval!

12:37 PM : Deepika thinks she’s fallen in love with Ranbir and the next morning we see a complete make over. The nerdy glasses are off and she dons a a pretty sexy outfit as we are treated with the energetic ‘Balam Pichkaari’ . Hear the song here :

12:30 PM :  And I think this is where their love story will begin, if it hadn’t already with the previous song.

12:30 PM :  We get to hear a story about the ‘Bhuta’ parbat, which is haunted it seems and Ranbir and Deepika could care less about any haunted stories. they decide to climb the mountain peak on their own.

12:24 PM :  Mind blowing locations, seriously all through the song.

12:23 PM : ‘Khud pe daya karna bandh karo aur khudse pyaar karna shuru kare’. These words by Ranbir bring a smile on Deepika’s face and we get to hear theSubhanAllah’ song. Hear the song here :

12:18 PM : ‘Ishq’ meri sehat k liye acha nahi hai, says Ranbir while he shares a sweet moment with Deepika!

12:11 PM: Ranbir isn’t interested in marriages seemingly aaaaaaand he just started a fight with some locals. Running here, there, everywhere.. the fight is more like comedy, And is actually funny.

12:04 PM : Everyone seems to have fun in the train, except the nerdy Deepika (Naina), she feels kinda left out from everyone else.

12:00 PM : Enter Evelyn Sharma. Ranbir and Aditya immediately  start flirt with her.

11:56 AM : Ranbir, Kalki, Aditya Roy Kapur are now off to Manali for the vacations! And Deepika apparently is fed up pf her parents and she leaves the house and decides to join the group.

11:50 AM : The movie visits both the actors houses. Deepika’s parents are very conservative and Ranbir’s dad looks quite cool while Ranbir is not so cool with his ‘step-mom’.

11:43 AM :  Madhuri Dixit enters the screen and the crowd goes nuts but couldn’t overshadow the cheers from the girls for Ranbir Kapor! The song ‘Ghagra’ has a hint of naughtiness to it. And the crowd sings along! Here the song here :

11:38 AM : Now the movie takes us 8 years back, where we see Deepika with a pair of nerdy glasses and the introduction of a very ‘jhakkas’ Kalki Koechlin

11:35 AM : The movie starts with ‘Re Kabira’ song and we see Deepika’s pretty face in it. Beautiful locations, beautiful actress, beautiful song. Perfect start I’d say! Hear the song here :


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  1. suraya

    June 1, 2013 at 4:57 am

    Love Ranbir and Katrina.

  2. suraya

    June 1, 2013 at 4:57 am

    Love Ranbir and Katrina forever.

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