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Shahrukh Khan injured, to undergo surgery

Shahrukh KhanShahrukh Khan injured himself while shooting for an action sequence of his upcoming film Chennai Express and has been admitted to Mumbai’s Lilawati Hospital today. His son, who’s currently studying in London, would be flying down to be with him.

It is being reported that the actor had sustained a shoulder injury sometime back, while shooting for an intense action scene. Despite the injury, the workaholic that he is, Shahrukh delayed the surgery and shot for the film. While his friends, family and doctors insisted that he undergo the required surgery at the earliest, Shahrukh stalled the surgery until he wrapped up the shoot. Apparently, the injury was so serious that Shahrukh needed a massage every morning before he could even move his hand.

A source close to him told a newspaper, “Shah Rukh is getting admitted today and he will be accompanied by his family members and a handful of friends. His shoulder pain had been worsening but he waited till he was free of all his commitments.” Talking about the seriousness of Shahrukh’s shoulder injury, the source told the newspaper, “He may appear on television as someone who is always on his feet – dancing and entertaining everyone. But the truth is, every morning he wakes up with an excruciating pain and is unable to move his shoulders till a massage loosens up the muscles. Despite the debilitating pain, he shot an intense action scene in Hyderabad for the film.”

Apparently, Shahrukh was cautious of the money riding on him and hence, delayed the procedure, so as to not cause any loss to Rohit Shetty. It was only after Rohit assured Shahrukh that the shoot has been completed, that, Shahrukh agreed to undergo this surgery. Bollywood Celebden wishes Shahrukh a speedy recovery!

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  1. naughty

    May 30, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    he deserves it

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