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Why would Sana Khan kidnap a girl? : Salman

After the news about actress Sana Khan’s alleged involvement in a kidnapping case and her subsequent disappearance spread, Salman Khan tweeted in support of the actress. Sana Khan, who has been charged with attempting to kidnap a 15-year-old girl, has gone undergone. She is currently working with Salman Khan in Sohail Khan’s production Mental. The news of her alleged involvement has left everyone shocked and surprised.

Salman articulated his views through the micro-blogging site Twitter, on which he has a sizable following.  “Poor sana,so sad. 1st let her b cm famous then try n get sm publicity from her. This is the problem chappo any thing galat bhi ho toh”, tweeted Salman, taking a dig at the press for publishing ‘wrong news’. Salman Khan questioned the authenticity of the complaint and wondered why a working professional like Sana Khan would resort to such acts. He tweeted, “Y wld a girl kidnap a 15 year old? Fr money? To get her married, At 4pm in a populated area.investigate the complainants. Kamaal hai yaar”.

When a few people questioned why Sana Khan had to go into hiding if she were innocent, Salman said, “Obviously must b scared n running around n hiding , they hv a arrest warrant on her , 5 dharas , jail is not big boss’s house dude .SAD”. Salman even raised doubts about the complainants’ motives and reminded people that she was on the reality television show Bigg Boss for three months and that, everyone has seen her everyday.

Then, he tweeted, “Obviously those people must have sm ulterior motives. worked vit her on bigg boss, u hv seen her fr 3months every day wat do u think? Ways of making a name n money. Challo u guys tell me, obviously vit out working hard n earning it vit dignity n respect. Batao. Vil retweet” cialis co pay . Well, we could agree with Salman here! Nobody ever went kidnapping like that!

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  1. Raj

    May 27, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    Salman is an idiot.

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