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When Shahrukh Khan met Karan Johar..!

This is the story of how Karan Johar met Shahrukh Khan. The meeting lasted for a short while and nobody knew how significant it would be for the Indian film industry. Karan Johar was a “fat kid”, according to his own mother, and was invited by Anand Mahendroo by virtue of being Yash Johar’s “fat son”, for an audition. Anand had been looking for a fat boy to cast in his television serial. When Karan Johar reached there for an audition, he was asked to wait in a room outside Anand Mahendroo’s chamber. In the room was another young man, who kept gulping tea like water. That man was Shahrukh Khan. They both waited for about four hours until Anand Mahendroo came out of his chamber and asked Shahrukh Khan to follow him. Karan was asked to wait for a few more minutes.

But, Shahrukh Khan told Anand that there was no need to make Karan wait as Shahrukh wasn’t interested in the role anymore and he had been waiting to inform just this. “I want to do films now,” Shahrukh told Anand before leaving the place. Anand then summoned Karan inside his chamber and talked about how it made him upset. ‘He is a TV actor called Shahrukh Khan. I was looking at him as a probable to play the lead role in a TV serial. I have better options though.” , Anand told Karan Johar as he nodded “yes” to everything that Anand Mahendroo told him.

It is general knowledge that Shahrukh Khan started his career with television serials. But, very few people know that Shahrukh Khan’s scripted his success by declining a role in yet another television serial! “I want to do films now”, he told Anand Mahendroo and since then, there has been no looking back!

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