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Minute by Minute Updates of Ishkq In Paris

Final word: Even if the producers had spelled Ishkq with a c, the Gods would not have favored this movie with a great box office performance. Watch for Preity looking great..but besides that..don’t. A more detailed review and rating follows in a bit!

4:30 PM: The end of story is here and its about how Ishkq tries to get back to Akash after pissing him off! Wanna know how? Watch the movie!!

4:28 PM: Akash decides to talk to Ishkq’s mother about Ishkq’s ‘akelapan issues’ and her mother successfully makes her daughter understand! Yay! Now the couple shall re-unite. I guess. Unless there’s another problem in Ishkq’s life.

4:22 PM: Ah, like every other movie, the couple’s happiness comes to a halt as Akash confesses his love for Ishkq. Ishkq, afraid of commitment has other ideas and the couple ki judaai starts with a sad song. Hear the song here :

4:18 PM: Ishkq (Preity Zinta) continues her ‘missing and dissing’ act on her dad every now and then in the movie. The movie keeps shifting emotional gears from love to sorrow, from comedy to seriousness.

4:13 PM: The third song Jaane Bhi De has that emotion to it which is a full on romantic number. The couple share a very mixed set of emotions. Hate marriage but love to love!!  Hear the song here :

4:00 PM: And it’s Salman Khan’s guest appearance wala gaaana! This song is the Punjabi number Kudiye DI Kurti. Salman’s presence has honestly been the best part of the movie. Hear the song here :

3:55 PM: WOW! Preity ZInta appears in traditional wear for the first time in the movie. Drop Dead Gorgeous! And as expected the two actors have met again and looks like the second song is going to start!

3:41 PM: Intermission!! The movie looks okay till now. The two actors have parted ways and like every other love story, they shall meet in the second half! Lets’s hope it gets a little more better.

3:24 M: Akash Kapoor has actually improved as the movies moves ahead. And with all the giggles, rom-com dialogues throughout, looks like we’re heading towards a ‘cute’ love story.

3:18 PM: The first song is underway and Preity Zinta looks awesome. Here’s the song that’s playing :

3:11 PM:  The first sight of Eiffel tower. Lit up and lights up Akash’s face. Now we’re to crazy night life of Paris!

3:06 PM: The chemistry looks dull. The dialogues have been cheesy as of yet. I hope it turns out to be a good movie. Or else this would be my last movie alive.

3:02 PM: Akash Kapoor is apparently the hero’s name. Looks good. Let’s see if he matches up Ms. Zinta

3:01 PM: Holy….!!! Preity Zinta makes her entrance and I sit here stunned. Age is just a number, eh?

3:00 PM: Paris the City of Love. The movie starts showing exactly what the city is about. Brilliant camerawork!

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