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Monica Bedi misses Salman Khan?

Having returned from Portugal rather disgracefully, the former girlfriend of underworld don Abu Salem, Monica Bedi, took up acting again. However, she has not been able to make it big. Monica Bedi had a bright career ahead of her when she was dating Salman Khan. The two were very close and as is the case with everyone Salman Khan dates, there were rumours that the two would marry.
She stunned all by leaving the country for underworld don Abu Salem! Looking back at the choices she made, she must be filled with regret and remorse! While she may have lived life queen-size in Portugal, she faced many difficulties after she was deported along with Abu Salem. She was sent to the jail in a fake passport case. After she served her term, she turned to the small screen but nothing noticeable happened so far! Currently, she’s working on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s debut TV show, Saraswatichandra.
Hope she has realized that don ko pakadna mumkin hai!

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