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I have no time for romance : Shruti Haasan

Believe it or not! Shruti Haasan, who used to consider herself too ugly to become an actress, says that she has absolutely no time for romance! With that statement, Shruti Haasan has definitely broken many hearts!

Shruti Haasan made this disclosure and said, “There is no time for romance. I don’t have time as I am busy working and have a busy schedule.”  Shruti, apparently, hasn’t received any leverage from her father Kamal Haasan. When asked about whether she takes advice from her family, she said, “Not much, but they influenced the kind of an artist I am today. Now I take my own decisions and I am kind of independent person. I don’t take advice from family or anyone. I choose films because I want to play the part in the movie. I have never felt the pressure from my family.”

Shruti Haasan adds that she takes inspiration from her father, however. “He has been an inspiration for me, personally. Just the way I look at him deal with his career, how he works. Even at this time, he does so much hard work and has so much dedication. He has the same enthusiasm that a newcomer has for his work and that has been very inspiring for me,” she said.

She’s now looking forward to her two upcoming films, D-Day and Ramaiya Vasta Vaiya . Both the films are slated for release on the same day – 19th July! Speaking about the films, she said, “I am happy that both are polar opposite films. For me, both the characters are so different from each other. In a weird way, it is nice that both the films are coming out on the same day. It just shows the range.”

We wish her all the Luck for D-Day her film Ramaiya VastaVaiya is slated for release!

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