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Salman Khan trained Arjun Kapoor for 4 years!

Well what do you know? Bollywood’s Salman admiration society has a new entrant: Arjun Kapoor.  Arjun credits Salman Khan with helping him realize his potential, gushing to everyone that, “Today Salman is the most loved man in the country but he was not at the best phase of his career when he started helping me”. We’ve always heard of newcomers who speak of Salman’s support but Arjun’s words seem to put Salman on an even higher pedestal.

This may also explain why Arjun speaks so much about Salman at every given opportunity. He claims that Salman’s encouragement in him was empowering and that the four years he spent under Salman’s tutelage mean a lot to him. Arjun, who started out as an assistant director,  says that he would never have lost his overweight past had it not been for Salman stepping in and making him lose a tonne of weight.

Arjun, whose gritty thriller Aurangzeb is his latest release, has four more projects lined up. His first love was directing but now, he is finally finding himself as an actor and wants to establish himself in this space before looking at other aspects of film making.

Aurangzeb relied on Arjun to deliver a couble role, no easy task. Speaking about the role, Arjun says, “The film is set in today’s Gurgaon. It is about the family of land mafia. Police is after him. I play Ajay, the volatile son. In this picture comes my lookalike Vishal, who is used by the police. The characters are black and white. It was a challenge to pretend to be someone else but I enjoy playing characters that are out of my comfort zone.”

Last seen in Ishaqzaade, Arjun is once again a gun toting tough guy in Aurangzeb. He’s not afraid that he will get typecast and believes that his body language is what gets him these grittier roles. He plans to abolish that image with his forthcoming movies though. Reportedly, he will be working with Homi Adajania of Cocktail and Being Cyrus fame in an untitled English film. Let’s see if this new entrant can live up to his potential.

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