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Shraddha Kapoor refused to do a role in Yash Raj Films

Shraddha Kapoor was reportedly the first choice for Yash Raj Film’s Aurangzeb but she refused to do the role without a second thought! Wondering why ? It’s because her strong family values.

Shraddha Kapoor who was the lead female in Yash Raj’s production Luv Ka The End opted out of being Arjun Kapoor’s co-star in the new movie Aurangzeb. The Yash Raj Film production were not expecting this from the hot new actress.

Says a well-placed source, “Shraddha was the first choice for the lead opposite Arjun Kapoor. No one at Yash Raj thought she’d say no to a lead role in a big Yash Raj production with one of the hottest newcomers as her co-star. But when Shraddha heard about the graphic nudity and intimacy, she simply opted out without a second thought and preferred to focus on Aashiqui 2 which is now her first big hit.”

Looks like the other-star daughter Sonakshi Sinha even Shraddha is very clear about her limits she wouldn’t cross on the screen. The vivid love-making scenes of Aurangzeb were a little too much for her and her family values were upheld above the movie assignments. Way to go!

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