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Salman finds his movie title bizarre!

Salman Khan seems to be unhappy with his new upcoming film’s title, ‘Mental’  and if things go as he wants them to, the film would soon get a new name.

If rumours are to be believed, the Dabangg actor is looking for an alternative title as he thinks the current title ‘Mental’ is quite bizarre.
Salman is not very keen to continue with a quirky title like Mental as the film is being addressed as presently. Sohail Khan who is directing the film has been looking at various options and the crew has been suggesting different names. Recently, Salman informed Sohail that he is not keen to continue with Mental and wants a different title now,” a daily quoted a source as saying.

The source even said that the movie was actually never meant to be called Mental.

“It was never meant to be called ‘Mental’ and it was always a working title. Someone got the whiff of it and the media has ever since been reporting that. However Salman and Sohail were always clear that the film would be called something else,” the source added.

Well, will the new title be more bizarre or will it be something which will earn Salman another 100 crores?
Check back for updates!

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