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Johnny Lever’s best comedy scenes

When Bollywood was in dearth of good comedians like Mehmood and Johnny Walker, then came John Prakasa Rao Janumala a.k.a Johnny Lever. With his hilarious facial expressions which made us laugh loudly just due his presence, he is been best comic entertainer in the recent times. He has acted in more than 300 films. Walk down the memory lane and take a look at these hilarious scenes.

Suspecting husband in Had Kar Di Aapne

Johnny Lever is his hilarious best in this movie. The dialogues “shaadi kale sey aur chakkar gorey ke saat” is just one of the many funny one liners in this clip.

Forgetful cook in Baazigar

Johnny Lever plays a forgetful cook in Baazigar. The awkward laughing scenes when he forgets putting tea leaves in tea is just awesome.

Sub-Inspector in Mela

Probably the only good thing in movie Mela, was Johnny Lever’s character of Inspector Pakkad SIngh.

Scared Blacksmith in Hatya

Hatya saw the rise of Govinda as a star but it also gave Johnny Lever the same response. He is seen as a blacksmith who wants to adopt  child.

Professor in Dil Hi Dil Mein

The look of Johnny is enough to make you fall out off your chairs laughing. He plays the role of a young professor in the movie

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